Company Mandates

Management Philosophy of E United Group
Yieh Phui (China) Company Mandates
Profit Creation
Profitability is the fundamental criterion for the survival of a corporation. It is Yieh Phui (China)'s employees' endeavor to provide our customers with more and better opportunities to achieve profitability as well as to fulfill our social obligations and earn a profit that can be shared between the employees and the shareholders.
Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement is the primary driving force for the evolution of a corporation. Striving for perfection in quality, efficiency, cost control, and on-time delivery by following the mottos "There is Always Room for Improvement" and "Professionalism is Our Strength and Quality Products are Our Pride", have been the main objectives of our company.
Building Trust
Trustworthiness is the primary element in establishing the credibility of a corporation. Our company believes that the earning of employees' and shareholders' trust is just as important as earning the trust of customers.


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